28 septembre 2010

LOTEC Sirius

In 2007, I met Herr Kurt Lotterschmid, the man who created LOTEC and hyper-cars ahead of their time... I flew to kolbermoor, not too distant from Munich, and I saw the Sirius in the flesh, actually... in the carbon: V12 Mercedes Turbo with 1200 horsepower, an outstanding chassis and suspensions directly inspired by Mr Lotterschmid's exceptional experience in automobile competition, as a pilot and an engineer as well ( look for "Motorsport" section of Lotec site ). Its home-made design shows remarkable features, like the windshield... [Lire la suite]
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26 septembre 2010

CENTRO POLO DESIGN for Munich Legends

Munich Legends, a renowned team of independant BMW specialists from England, appointed us to create their new logos and lots of striking posters with the most famous models from BMW and Mini. er="0" src="https://p7.storage.canalblog.com/78/42/573269/57429025_p.jpg" alt="POSTER_mini_red_2" style="float: right; margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px;" />
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