In 2007, I met Herr Kurt Lotterschmid, the man who created LOTEC and hyper-cars ahead of their time... I flew to kolbermoor, not too distant from Munich, and I saw the Sirius in the flesh, actually... in the carbon: V12 Mercedes Turbo with 1200 horsepower, an outstanding chassis and suspensions directly inspired by Mr Lotterschmid's exceptional experience in automobile competition, as a pilot and an engineer as well ( look for "Motorsport" section of Lotec site ).

Its home-made design shows remarkable features, like the windshield theme wrapping almost the whole cockpit. The style can only be dated with the now ancient technology of the headlights.

With its creator, we decided that we could "upgrade" the details without touching the natural strength of the design; my task was to enhance the personnality of the Sirius, staying truthful to the original spirit.

Here is the result of my contribution to this project :